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wild & crazy

Sex and humour sell! These clients – two young start ups as well as an old established German brand – were courageous enough to let us do some wild stuff.

Corporate Identity & Branding

Creating and defining strong and memorable identites and brandings that make a difference.

Federal Ministry for the Environment

"Yesterday's vision is today's waste: atomic waste": Campaign to suggest that nuclear power was an idea of the past and to explain today's unpopular but inevitable political actions, such as "Castor" (Cask for Storage and Transport of Radioactive Material).

German Year in Brazil

Raising awareness of the German Year in Brazil and its messages. Development of a print advertising campaign adaptable to sponsors’ needs. Aiming at decision makers and Brazilian innovators.

German parliament

Election campaign: Encouraging the Federal Republic’s citizens to vote. Raising awareness of the right to vote as an instrument for political participation, putting the election in the hands of each citizen.

The Greens

Election campaign for The Green Party: A more humorous and self-ironic approach let to greater perception. New Corporate Design for the Greens' parliamentary group.

European Commission

The European Commission is informing members of the EU about their rights and opportunities – in order to underline the importance of the European Union and to strengthen a "European idenfication".

Be Berlin

The national and international city advertising campaign for Berlin. It's the people of Berlin who make the city: Individuals are telling their personal Berlin stories.

Goodyear Dunlop Tires

Introduction of the new product line KMAX and FUELMAX (high-quality truck tires) to the industry (fleet, producers, retail), press and Goodyear staff.
My name is Inga, I’m a freelance creative director and graphic designer.

I have been responsible for creating and implementing many integrated communication campaigns to achieve complex objectives – on a national and global scale.


If you are in need of creative support, please give me a shout – I would love to help.




Good communication means engaging people – not offending them.



communication strategy & positioning • creative concept • art- and creative direction • integrated communication campaigns • graphic design • corporate identities • branding • public relations • photography • production management






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